Sciential Consulting, LLC

Over 35 years of self-employed experience supporting organizations working in scientific and technical fields allows Mitchell K. Hobish, Ph.D., doing business as Sciential Consulting, LLC, to offer these key services.

Technical CommunicationsStrategic Planning ManagementOutreach EducationConference Support

I'm passionate about helping my clients communicate technical information within their organizations and beyond, by making suitably tailored material available and accessible to target audiences. 

Key Services

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Technical Communications

From white papers and analyses to mandated reports, business and research proposals, and document (or other media) review and guidance—are necessary to convey your organization’s message, to share new data and knowledge, and to attract funding.

Technical Communications
Strategic Planning and Management

Whether it’s choosing a new direction for your activities or trying to make best use of your assets in a resource-limited environment, I will assist you in reaching your goals by helping you to define context, mission, vision, metrics, and more.

Strategic Planning Management
Outreach and Education

Many organizations would benefit from receipt of descriptive and educational materials.  Students, the public, and the originating organization benefit directly from such efforts.  This is often a key contributor to a solid bottom line.

Outreach Education
Conference Support

Organizing a meeting and providing a venue to allow broad and  in-depth means to transfer technical information brings with it a need to understand the nature of the information under discussion, and what logistics are required to efficiently and effectively effect that transfer.

Conference Support