Sciential Consulting, LLC

Over 32 years of self-employed experience supporting organizations working in scientific and technical fields allows Mitchell K. Hobish, Ph.D., doing business as Sciential Consulting, LLC, to offer these key services.

Key Services

Technical Communications
Strategic Planning and Management
Outreach and Education
Conference Support


Technical Communications

From white papers and analyses to mandated reports, business and research proposals, and document (or other media) review and guidance—are necessary to convey your organization’s message, to share new data and knowledge, and to attract funding.

With over 30 years of experience, I will help you to deliver your message clearly and effectively by crafting appropriate communications and documents or by working with material you have created, providing incisive commentary and guidance.

Documentation services fall into four broad areas:

  • Creation
  • Editing
  • Reviewing
  • Production

Examples of these activities may be found by following the links, below.


Strategic Planning and Management

Whether it’s choosing a new direction for your activities or trying to make best use of your assets in a resource-limited environment, I will assist you in reaching your goals by helping you to define context, mission, vision, metrics, and more.

This is not a complete list, which would be far too long to include here; rather, this information is indicative of relevant work. The resulting expertise would be applied to your needs.

Here are some examples of tasks and projects that showcase my approach and credentials.

Executive Director, National Space Grant Foundation. Responsibilities include setting Foundation direction and policy, day-to-day management of operations, budgeting, seeking new clients, developing new STEM-educational programs, representing the Foundation at Space Grant and other meetings.

Chair, Secretary, Central Montana Section, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.  Responsibilities include setting Section direction and policy, organizing Section meetings, representing the Section at area and regional meetings, and reporting on Section activities to IEEE-USA.

Board Member, Little Apple Technologies, Inc.  Responsibilities include working with the company owner and CEO to establish sound business practices and to develop effective strategic business approaches.

Chairman, Treasurer, Board of Trustees, Gallatin River Ranch Rural Fire District.  Responsibilities include setting district policy, establishing and ensuring adherence to budgets, interfacing with community members.

More can be found here.


Outreach and Education

Many organizations would benefit from receipt of descriptive and educational materials.  Students, the public, and the originating organization benefit directly from such efforts.  This is often a key contributor to a solid bottom line.

I have worked with organizations of many sizes and types—including agencies such as NASA, NOAA, and CNES; private sector groups (including aerospace contractors such as Raytheon, and small startups); and educational institutions, such as the University of Maryland, Baltimore County—helping them to bring their messages to wider audiences, and to educate audiences on basic science, technology, business, and the interfaces between them.

Following are some examples of education and public outreach activities.

Executive Director, National Space Grant Foundation. Responsible for day-to-day management of the organization, long-term strategic planning and developing new educational programs, interacting with all 52 Space Grant Consortium directors, supporting and guiding the board of directors.

Project Scientist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Earth Science Gallery. Responsible for writing all text for posters, creating all content for kiosk-based information displays, and working with the project’s creative designers on overall look and functionality.

Outreach Scientist, Member of the Scientific Advisory Group, Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN). Responsibilities included advising graduate students on research projects related to recently declassified and subsequently released data from the Department of Defense (DoD); managing a project to turn similar data and data access tools into educational CD-ROMs for high school student use; representing CIESIN at national meetings (e.g., American Geophysical Union, National Science Teachers Association) to effect transfer of DoD-released data into educational use; evaluating the Strategic Environmental Distributed Active Archive Resource (SEDAAR).

Presenter and Staffer, Earth Observing System Project Science Office, Mission to Planet Earth Office, Office of University Programs at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Responsibilities included developing and delivering lectures and seminars on Earth system science and staffing information booths at many venues, including American Geophysical Union meetings, the North American Farm and Power Show in Minneapolis, MN, and at colleges and universities, nationally.

 More can be found here.


Conference Support

Organizing a meeting and providing a venue to allow broad and  in-depth means to transfer technical information brings with it a need to understand the nature of the information under discussion, and what logistics are required to efficiently and effectively effect that transfer.

I have many years of experience in organizing and implementing meetings, and preparing, making, and reviewing presentations at meetings ranging from small workshops (~10 participants) to large international conferences and symposia (thousands of attendees). This combination of participant and organizer activities has given me in-depth understanding of the requirements of a successful effort.

More can be found here.