Conference Support

Organizing a meeting and providing a venue to allow broad and  in-depth means to transfer technical information brings with it a need to understand the nature of the information under discussion, and what logistics are required to efficiently and effectively effect that transfer.

I have many years of experience in organizing and implementing meetings, and preparing, making, and reviewing presentations at meetings ranging from small workshops (~10 participants) to large international conferences and symposia (thousands of attendees). This combination of participant and organizer activities has given me in-depth understanding of the requirements of a successful effort.

Symposium Co-organizer

First International Conference on Space Exploration and the Future of Humans in Space, Dijon, France. Responsibilities included negotiating funding with federal agencies, developing program, working with local organizing committee to establish venue, acquiring a lunar rock sample from NASA, conducting associated workshops.

Workshop Organizer, Facilitator, Presenter 

  • Advanced Measurement Systems for Astrobiology Workshop, NASA’s Ames Research Center, and Astrobiology Piggyback Opportunities and Technologies Workshop, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center; 
  • Crafting Competitive DoD SBIR Proposals, Montana State University;
  • Exploratory Workshop to Form the Montana Palladium Research Initiative, Montana State University;
  • Second Lunar Analytical Laboratory Workshop, Dijon, France.

Society Meeting Presentations

  • NMR Studies of Interactions between Nucleic Acids and Proteins, First Symposium on Chemical Evolution and the Origins and Evolution of Life, NASA’s Ames Research Center;
  • The Galapagos Hydrothermal Vent Ecologies:  Possibilities for Neoabiogenesis?First Symposium on Chemical Evolution and the Origins and Evolution of Life, NASA’s Ames Research Center; 
  • Thermodynamic Analysis of 2,3-Diphosphoglycerate Binding to Human Hemoglobin Ao, Biophysical Society meeting, Baltimore, MD;
  • Computer-supported Case Management for Home and Community Care, Fourth Annual National Symposium on Information Technology as a Resource to Health and Disability Professionals;
  • Using a GIS to Explore Radionuclide Distributions and Possible Effects on Human Health in Russia, AGU meeting, San Francisco, CA;
  • Modeling Sea-Ice Meltwater Effects on 18O Concentrations in Arctic Surface Waters,AGU meeting, San Francisco, CA;
  •  Simulations and Multisensor Aircraft Campaigns as Implementation Tools for NASA’s Earth Observing System, Annual Conference of the Society for Imaging Science and Technology;
  • A Lunar-based Chemical Analysis Laboratory (LBCAL), International Space Development Conference;
  •  Lunar-based Analytical Laboratory Contamination Problems in the Analysis of Moon and Mars Samples, SPIE Annual Meeting;
  • The Role of the Computer in Origins of Life Research, Second Trieste Conference on Chemical Evolution and the Origin of Life, Trieste, Italy;
  • The EOS Polar Platform, AIAA Annual Meeting.

Small-meeting Presentations

  • Fundamentals of the Small Business Innovation Research Program, SCORE, Bozeman, MT; 
  • Taking Earth’s Temperature from Space, Rotary Club, Manhattan, MT.