Conference Support

Convening a meeting of any kind that will result in actions, policies, and distribution of technical information requires a publication, reporting on the activities, attendees, deliberations, and conclusions.

Creation of such a document requires not only a thorough understanding of the technical material being discussed, but an ability to abstract the salient points, to know what is vital and what is merely important, and  to be able to present the material in a cogent, efficient, effective, and comprehensible manner.

Conference Support Experience:

I have had the privilege of having been assigned many such conference-related tasks. Outcomes and summaries from a few of such meetings are provided here as examples of both organizational and documentation activities.

  • NASA Astrobiology Workshop:  Piggyback Payloads Splinter Group
  • NASA Astrobiology Workshop:  Advanced Measurement Systems Splinter Group
  • NASA Lunar-based Chemical Analysis Laboratory
  • CORM/NIST Workshop on the Need for NIST Color and Appearance Measurements and Standards
  • NIST Air Ultraviolet Metrology Workshop
  • NIST Metrology Issues in Terahertz Physics and Technology
  • NIST Summary of a Workshop on Molecular Spectroscopy Data
  • NIST Workshop On Advanced Methods And Models For Appearance Of Coatings And Coated Objects