Strategic Planning and Management

Whether it’s choosing a new direction for your activities or trying to make best use of your assets in a resource-limited environment, I will assist you in reaching your goals by helping you to define context, mission, vision, metrics, and more.

This is not a complete list, which would be far too long to include here; rather, this information is indicative of relevant work. The resulting expertise would be applied to your needs.

I have had the opportunity to support many planning efforts in several capacities, as noted here:

Executive Director, National Space Grant Foundation. Responsibilities include setting Foundation direction and policy, day-to-day and long-term management of operations, budgeting, seeking new clients, developing new STEM educational programs, representing the Foundation at Space Grant and other meetings.

Member, Technical Advisory Committee, NASA Montana EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research). Responsibilities include reviewing research proposals for submission to the NASA EPSCoR program.

Member and Co-chair, Advisory Board, Montana Space Grant Consortium, Bozeman, MT. Responsibilities include advising the Consortium’s director and staff on relevant programmatic, educational, and funding issues.

Consultant, Western Transportation Institute, Montana State University.  Responsibilities included performing a functional analysis of systems systems engineering activities at the Institute, and reporting back to the director with results of the analysis and recommendations for future directions.

Reviewer, editor, and consultant to clients of TechLink, Montana State University.  Responsibilities include reviewing Small Business Innovation Research proposals, and advising on how to make them more competitive, emphasizing the fit with company goals.

Project Facilitator, Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership, Montana State University.  Responsibilities included generating contracts, subcontracts, memoranda of agreement and understanding, and negotiating cost sharing with partners.

Project Coordinator, Montana Palladium Research Initiative, Montana State University.  Responsibilities included organizing and facilitating a strategic planning workshop, reporting back to the vice president for researchat the university, and ensuring generation and receipt of scheduled reports by Initiative members for communication to the sponsoring federal agency .

Visiting Scientist, United Nations Development Program, Institute for Fundamental Studies, Kandy, Sri Lanka.  Responsibilities included gathering requirements from all research and administrative members of the Institute, designing an appropriate information system, and presenting seminars and workshops on information technology.

Coordinator and Participant, NASA Astrobiology Program Workshops and Splinter/Focus groups, NASA Ames Research Center and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.  Responsibilities included requirements analysis, panel recruitment and conduct, reporting back to workshop participants.

Project Scientist, Earth Sciences Gallery, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.  Responsibilities included developing concepts for Gallery design and implementation, working with Earth system science managers to ensure appropriate communication of related issues, managing the scientific and technical aspects of the project.

Consultant, Science Planning, Earth Observing System Project Science Office, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.  Responsibilities included working with Office lead and staff to develop and establish science plans for NASA’s primary Earth remote sensing satellites.

Cofounder and Executive Director, Consortium for Analysis in Space Exploration, Baltimore, MD and Dijon, France.  Responsibilities included leading long-term planning efforts, setting goals, and day-to-day management of the organization.

Senior Scientist, Research and Data Systems Corporation.  Responsibilities included liaison with several offices of the Earth system science community at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, reviewing and editing technical documents, and working with RDC staff to generate competitive proposals.

Task and Project Manager, EER Systems Corp.  Responsibilities included technical task management for Cosmic Background Explorer and Compton Gamma Ray Observatory satellites, and project management for the company’s space station contract at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

Deputy Director, Laboratory of Chemical Evolution, University of Maryland, College Park. Responsibilities included determining research directions, guiding research projects, managing budgets, interfacing internationally with university offices and other research laboratories.