Service to the larger community is not only a requirement for an active participant in professional activities. It is also contributory to a skill set that is applicable across a wide swath of documentation work.

I have reviewed books, films, videos, podcasts, CDs, and DVDs under the auspices of the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Science Books & Films, a publication nominally geared to educators at all levels, but usable by the general public. I have provided these reviews continuously since 1996, covering a wide range of disciplines in biology, astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, planetology, history of science, and more.

My review, analysis, and evaluation of Web sites is contributory to the skill set.  All aspects of a site—from content, format, fit and finish, and overall usability have been reviewed for clients ranging from small businesses to major lobbying organizations.

I have for many years contributed to reviews of educational materials in the Earth sciences for a NASA contractor charged with providing these materials to educational institutions and the general public.

The skills attained in all such activities would potentially be applicable to your needs.